Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happeh For You

I try to remember to collect great images I see from friends and mentors on Facebook, these little shots of inspiration and happiness can boost your well being and immune system in an instant. Anything to get those good chemicals flowing for a happier, healthier life! Enjoy :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Moon Super Power

Here is my New Moon Super Power spread guided by Tarotize.

1. Super Power : Ace of Wands, serving as a source of inspiration, human kindness and compassion, "most sympathetic to the human condition".  This is not new news to me, though I keep thinking I'm going to get a knock on the head that tells me to be more diligent in my work and work harder, but this spread seems to be showing me where I'm wrong in that regard.  Just being me and learning to love my innate awesomeness is going to move me into my better self.

2. Which area of my life this affects: Queen of Swords, the practical, stone cold, "realistic" part that needed to be told that there is more at play here than the inellectual world can understand. I'm trying to bury my more spiritual and loving lessons by listening to the inner critic that keeps telling me to just snap out of it and get back to the real world.  The Queen of Swords is a woman who has been through many life experiences, happy and sad, and has grown very intelligent in her life wisdom, but here I feel the advice to not let that make me grow cold or shield myself because of the pain I've experienced, but rather use the Ace of Wands to warm up and melt a little.

3.  How to nourish this super power every day: Knight of Pentacles... he is tired, defensive, ready to rest and  rejuvenate.  Looks like my time of rest is not done yet.  My mind is eager to get on to my "real life" but my spirit and body know that it is not yet ready.  I have to find more joy in this forced vacation, instead of sitting in my beautiful garden with my defenses up... that will not help me to recover.

I am slightly surprised by this reading because I wanted it to tell me how I could work all day every day on my art and move forward with that and gain energy by doing that work, but it looks like I'm just not there, that my current purpose focus is in being me and inspiring myself and others in my healing journey.  Sitting down to do art drains me terribly right now, but hopefully when this super power is activated my lifes work will come with more ease and joy and I can REALLY contribute to the world.

This guided reading goes hand in hand with my new Super Better mission as inspired by Jane McGonigal:

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