Sunday, January 29, 2012

the Gilded Tarot

Getting to know the Gilded Tarot
I ordered this deck because, as a beginner, I needed a full suit deck. I loved the bright colors and clean images upon first glance, but when I got them in the mail I was a little disturbed by the fractals and CG cut-and-paste going on in the cards. I expected them to be more organic, but now I realize the input of the very mechanical parts of it (both in literal mechanical imagery and the mechanical way many of the images were put together) may really be what I need.
(Thanks to Tarotize for this template...)

1. Describe yourself
Ace of Pentacles
I am a gift not to be taken for granted. I gift to you time and abundance you didn't know you could have.

2. How would your friend describe you?
3 of Cups
Joyful, Celebratory, Rich

3. What gift do you bring to me?
20M Judgement
I bring you a clear voice and vision for your unanswered questions. I bring you a scale to balance your inquiring mind.  I am calling to you. Listen to the music.

4. What do you expect in return?
King of Cups
Bring to me your open heart, and gentle judgements. Bring me your willingness and your gratitude.

5. How can you help me serve?
3 of Pentacles
A solid foundation is what every plan needs, and your flights into spirit have left you feeling un-grounded. I can help to stabilize and join the spirit and the earth, setting you up to take all this advice further into creating  a beautiful life.

6. Is there anything else?
6 of Cups
The meaning of this card is changing for you, and here we will move forward together in creating new memories and new meaning to the past, and letting it flower and grow into the future.  I may be a little bratty, childish, inquisitive, stubborn, and playful at times, but in the end it is all about joy, pure and utter bliss for life.

Thank you!

Live while you are alive...

Live while you are alive...
Learn to be what you are in the seed of your spirit
Learn to free yourself from all things that have molded you
And which limit your secret and  undiscovered road...
Never forget that love
Requires you to be
The greatest person you are capable of being, 
Self-generating and strong and gentle-
Your own hero and star...
Be grateful for life as you live it, 
And may a wonderful light
Always guide you along the unfolding road.

Just finished reading this book for I think the third time, each time I find something new and especially inspiring in it. Now I am venturing into The Shadow Effect since recently more dark energies have come to my attention and I realize that my infinite optimism isn't always best served by ignoring the dark... I have long learned to pet my inner lizard and welcome in the "unwanted guests", but this book I think will help me take that to the next level in order to be OK with my limitations and circumstances, and then work with them to move forward into a beautiful and abundant life.

I had a wonderful trip/stay-cation with my boyfriend, but now that it is over I'm on day 4 of really struggling to get back on my feet and feel well enough to concentrate and move around, and it has reminded me of all the great work I have done physically, spiritually, emotionally, to help me through these rough days.

I am so grateful to now have a partner in my life who supports me, sends me love and healing, and inspires me every day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

6M The Lovers rejoice 2012

Ahh, The Lovers. This is the next card in the major arcana in the series I have going about what wisdom each archetype has to offer me this year, 2012, in my year of Strength.  The Lovers was drawn as my card for January this year, no surprise, since my love is coming to visit me for 10 days in only 3 days! I'm so excited.
(I love the Goddess Tarot interpretation, because even though this card is associated with Gemini, the Goddess Tarot draws in my sun sign, Venus, and is so bright and beautiful like all things Aphrodite and Libra.  I drew a picture much like this long before I saw this deck.)

I think it's wise for tarot writers to explain that this card, numbered "6", means more than just a romantic connection.. it could mean  harmony in work, or connections in other ways, but for me this year it SCREAMS romance.  I have been living in a hermitage for some time and a couple of months ago I started a new romance with a guy I had met a couple of years ago.  The catch is.. he lives 5000 miles away, in Germany.  So in just a couple of days we will be re-united, this time as a couple. Romance abound!

An important aspect I have learned through Tarot about relationships, is that every relationship is really about YOU. What you are reflecting on someone else is what you see in yourself, and they are here to teach you lessons and help you to discover your own strengths and weaknesses. Since I have had SO much time to myself over the last few years, I have gotten to know me really well, so re-joining again in a partnership shall be very interesting, but I am so ready.

Marianne Williamson has been posting about love as well, and said this beautiful one liner the other day that I totally gel with, "The initial high of romantic love is not an illusion that inevitably crashes into reality, so much as reality that crashes into an illusion". Being in those early stages of love remind us what bliss feels like, peace, one-ness, everything-is-okay-ness, and that is something to really hold on to.  Then when the shadows and fears start creeping back, remembering the bliss of love and connection will help you work through everything else.

So let's get to it. This year, 6M The Lovers, is saying to me... just like your card of the year, "strength", you are taming a fiery force that will bring you strength, protection, and love. You are the maiden to the Lion, both mutually looking for connection and balance, a temperance of power so that the power harnessed is much greater than the two of you separately.  This is a year outside of the confines of your hermitage, learning so much more about your power because of the people and situations that bring you Harmony, and that you bring Love.

Something new I learned today, that this Harmony card can also sometimes be called "Choice", which I find delightful, because I knew my soul had made a choice when Matt and I became a couple. When I was talking about it with my sister I said "I know it's inconvenient, and it doesn't make a lot of sense, but I don't have a choice! It's already been made!" A month earlier I had decided I was totally fine being single forever, I liked my own company. and then here he comes...

More than fiery passion or watery love as an emotion, The Lovers is an Air sign that means more about "Knowing", again, Knowing that Bliss, that divine Connection. Seeing something in someone else that makes you go "Oh, AHA! There you are."  How lovely. It means "knowing" what is right for them, even if it means diverging from the originally chosen path. This is like intuition that comes from the heart chakra instead of the third eye.  That is how I feel now, so right now this card is shining very brightly for me.

Wishing you all love and harmony, and a bit of that magical Knowing that comes with it.

Thank you, Lovers!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Hierophant's message for 2012

5 of the Major Arcana is The Hierophant, the symbol for tradition, community, wisdom, and faith.  I have really warmed up to this card over the last year, as I have come to terms with a lot of discomfort I have had about religion.  The Hierophant is the symbol at the center of all religions which reminds us of its purpose, to unite people in a community by common practices, so that when tragedy or need arises, a group effort or prayer can bring us back into the light. This card is the answer to the isolation conundrum most people feel these days, the "No Man is an Island" card. I really sense a deep feeling of a wave of new meaning coming into the world for uniting on a level unseen before that the Hierophant here can stand for.
(Of course, the opposite can be stubborn-ness, conservative thinking, unyielding to change, all also aspects of this archetype)
I'm having trouble finding good images of this card, but maybe that's a sign I just need to stop and sit with it for a moment.
When I did my life attunement reading with Lawrence Woodson last May, I got this card right along with The High Priestess, The Emperor, The Fool, and The Hermit. He asked me if I planned to start my own religion, and I laughed, thinking "I knew he was going to ask that..." but also tickled by the thought since Dogma has been such a dark and oppressive force in my thoughts about religion. However, I marvel at the idea of helping people come into the light, to re-order the universe in their minds as a benevolent reality, and to help others find healing, peace and a deep sense of their own love, as well as seeking that in myself every day.

"Beyond the Man" is the message I'm getting today. Looking at the Hierophant I see not the person, the incarnation of the archetype, but simply and only what he stands for.  In the John Holland card, his back is facing me, and the book is what is glowing, shining, the teaching itself is what is important.  This year, people will continue to see me and my form how they know me, what they project onto me, and how they see me, but how I AM, what I do, where my actions come from, and what I say will come from another place, and it will benefit others whether they know where it comes from or not.  What I say is my Karma, and what they say is theirs.  I know to act all my intentions through a channel other than what I think is ME, my identity, and my ego.

Thank you, sir!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Week of Preparation

Only one week until my long-distance love arrives for a 10 day visit. We're both antsy in our anticipation, and this week will be a big one of preparation before he arrives. 
I initially drew 5 cards, but then one leapt out at me so I chose a new topic for it (before I turned it over).
Preparation: 19M Light (The Sun), Do it all with total and utter love and joy.
Advice: 2 Cups (Spiritual Union), Remember, it's about the two of you!
Outcome: 11M Balance (Justice) Ready. Prepared. Balanced. Everything is in its place.
Activity: 7 Pentacles (Patience and Planning) Duh. I will have to practice patience, I'm too excited! Also have to organize plans and resources.
Emotion: Ace of Swords (Triumphant Success). Clear thinking (FINALLY my brain has been so fuzzy), able to see what is important and what is not. "Cut the Fat" is what it is telling me to do, there's no room for dark thought.
Energy: 9 Cups (Fulfillment of Wishes). Are you ready to have your wishes granted? Here it comes...
^-^ so happeh and excited. This year I picked 6M The Lovers as my January card, so, I think it's all about to come true. I'm so ready.

The Emperor of 2012

Last year was a Chariot (7M) year for me, which is also my Life Path card, so it was an extreme year of staying true to what I wanted to achieve, even when everyone around me was telling me it was a little weird, and having to re-structure a lot of my beliefs about money, health, success, and happiness. Moving into 2012 (an 8M Strength year) has me a little dizzy, with all the Charioting I've been doing.  Authority (The Emperor 4M) is here to put his foot down and allow the dust to settle and find it's place firmly on the rock foundation of my life.  Now Strength and Power and Authority are running the show, soldering together the miracles and the mundane, and making sure I'm following the rules of this reality in order to succeed.

The Emperor is bringing up mixed feelings for me, Power in myself, and also a fear of Others.  There have been many people in my life who have given me very strong beliefs that do not really work with my mode of operations, and I know I will have to stay strong-willed and confident in order to become the Authority of my own life.

  The Emperor tells me "You've done this before, you have proven yourself an EXCELLENT leader on many occasions. You know how to rally, how to organize resources, how to navigate out of a maze, hold on to those examples of your shining success! Forget the other Kings and Queens and how they choose to manage THEIR kingdoms, you have a marvelous and spectacular kingdom all your own to rule. You're HERE!"

With Strength, my lovely lion friend, right by my side, I know the Emperor is right. And I, once a Fool, am now ready to be the Ruler of my World.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

House Spread

This is a reading based off of Tarotize  , to illuminate missions in correlation to your physical residence.
My house number adds up to 10, The Wheel of Fortune (Destiny), so I guess I really was meant to be here! ^-^ Certainly I will always consider this a very necessary part of my life.

Spiritual Lesson tied to living in this house: 2 Swords, Mental Conflict

Challenge Living Here: 8M Strength (Power)

Helpful approach to living here: 7 Pentacles, Patience and Planning

Mental conflict is a little bit of a surprise to me, because I was so sure of my plan when I moved here. To get healthy, and then be able to work, and then save up to move back to LA to start a full fledged career and be back with my friends. I guess the conflict has started only very recently when I decided maybe I don't want to go back to LA at all, and staying here in Denver will be very temporary. I certainly won't be in this house more than 3 or 4 months from now.

The Challenge of Strength is quite clear. Living with my sister and her husband has been so wonderful, they are so very generous, but learning to grow into an adult, dealing with the limitations of illness, and still trying to develop my identity as an adult, has been a challenge, especially since my goals and talents are very very different from the people I am living with.

Patience and Planning is definitely what my time here has been about. Re-sorting health, finances, and plans for the future has been the ultimate goal, and has been the blue-print for my way into the next phase of life.

I'm ready for some light and fun in my life. Can we make that happen now? I'm tired of being so disciplined. I trust Destiny, The Wheel of Fortune, however, to continually turn the tides and renew life once again soon.

The Empress of 2012

Moving on on my guided journey into 2012, we're now on the fourth card of the major arcana, The Empress (3M). She is the Mother Archetype, of growth, nurturing, love, harvest.  I think my experience with her has been that of her reversed meaning, the scorned mother who has turned away from her creation and left a land barren.  I don't know why I feel that way, but especially when I see the Goddess Tarot version of the Empress I feel anything BUT fertile and creative and loving.

She is asking me if my feeling "balanced" has actually been more an act of repression, a way to protect myself from the incredibly difficult circumstances and events that have passed over the last  6 years. I always wonder that myself.  She says that this year is a good year to start unearthing that a little, just a little piece at a time.  I have been practicing every day with the thought of Infinite Abundance, and it has still been a great struggle for me. There is never enough energy, enough resources, enough freedom.  I ask the Empress now to help me see the infinite abundance and creativity of the Universe.  I ask her to help me truly set up the foundations, plant the seeds, and allow my true purpose to grow and manifest.

I know she will comply. I just hope I know how to receive her help and abundance when it is offered.

Semi-related to this post, a blue butterfly has been chasing me. Not specifically the blue morpho, but just a blue butterfly. I'm seeing them everywhere. Butterflies signify creativity, romance, joy and spirituality, as well as transformation. And the empress picture above also has a blue butterfly. I'll keep my mind open about this.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The High Priestess of 2012

 The next card in the Major Arcana is The High Priestess (2M), a symbol of wisdom, intuition, divinely guided thought and action. As you can imagine, she is therefor quite quiet, as she hardly ever has to use words to communicate.

Not surprisingly, the night between The Magician and The High Priestess was filled with vivid dreams. I remembered 7 dreams last night, and woke up quite exhausted.   A few were some high-anxiety nightmares, which I was really surprised by because I haven't had any of these feelings in my day to day, so here they are to remind me!  I asked for it though... before bed I was reading (for the third time!) Steering by Starlight by Martha Beck, and the chapter was about Map Making for your Soul's Purpose, and one of the symptoms being vivid dreaming, and how to interpret this guidance from beyond. So there. I did. I asked for it. I take full responsibility!  The frustrating thing though is that even though I KNOW I need to face my fears in my dreams, I ran away from all of them. My gut instinct of danger was too strong. Are you supposed to follow intuition in dreams?!  Anyway, back to the High Priestess.  She often shows up in my dreams as my Anima in dreams, but more often it's my Animus that shows up to guide me.  She is a shape-shifter, here to show me and communicate with me in ways other than words.

The imagery of the card can be a put-off to some tarot readers because of the Religious implications, but since Religion does not apply to me, I simply see her as a dedicated student (always holding her book, or Torah, or Bible) and blessed healer (her staff, or mudra of peace and healing).  The High Priestess should certainly be studied more carefully by me, because she helps The Fool, who has learned so much from the Magician, narrow down what he wants to do with all the tools he has learned. As a kid I thought I was expected to become all things: carpenter, doctor, fireman, teacher, vet, ... I thought at some point I was meant to do all of those things, it was truly overwhelming. The High Priestess is here to help me listen and light my path, narrow down the choices and possibilities, and move forward on my Soul's journey.

In my dreams last night, a running theme was darkness. In a few of the dreams there was a small area illuminated and the rest was darkness. The High Priestess is now telling me that the darkness was her gift, so that I could focus on the things in the light. To have too much illuminated is to be overwhelmed by options, and there are some things that need focus and attention this year.  She reassures me that she will be there to keep me in the light and show me my path.

Now rest! She says. Let it all unfold.

Thank you, High Priestess.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Magician of 2012

The second card of the major arcana is actually card numbered 01... The Magician.  The Magician has been showing up for me a lot lately, in conjunction with readings about my long distance relationship, reinforcing the strength of our communication and bond.

Let's see what he has to say for me today, in regards to 2012...

He's laughing... not at me.. but that big belly-full laugh of knowing. The same laugh that the ghost of Christmas Present made when he was first encountered by Scrooge... "Good thing you've let go of the wheel", he says "because you're in for quite a ride..." He says this in a joyful way, like "thank goodness you've seen the light and have learned to trust us, it will be so much more fun this way!" rather than a threatening way. A lot of people see change as a threat, but I find it really exciting.  The Magician is the symbol of alchemy, of infinity, and of infinite creative power.  He's telling me now that every part of my life is about to totally transform, and that my old life will be unrecognizable soon.  That's quite a statement! The advice he's giving me is to stay in the light, and keep the Universe on my side, and the impossible will become possible... not just possible... it is eminent!

Whew... I'm dizzy now, I wasn't expecting quite that clear a message, but there he is, looking at me with a twinkle in his eye, in total recognition.  "Welcome back", he says.

Well... thank you!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Fool of 2012

Let's see what The Fool has to say to me, starting this new year of 2012.
The Fool is a card I am very familiar with.  I suppose it is because I am still pretty young, everything is new when you are growing up.  Plus The Fool is the only tarot card I managed to illustrate last year, as I did here above with the inspiration of Zelda to get me going...
The Fool moves forward with an open heart and open mind, a spring in his step full of optimism and wonder at the new world set before him.  A little dog warns him not to be too hasty, lest he fall off the cliff, but somewhere the Fool knows that all that is just another adventure, and he embraces it!
The Fool is telling me that this year, my child-like optimism and perhaps even my naivete will serve me well as I grow my freelance career and pursue new interests and new travels. He reminds me to see the child-like curiosity in others, and therefor have an immediate connection to other people through our common interest of pursuing happiness.
Thank you, Fool!  Let's pick up our satchel and be on our way then, shall we!?
(Other Fool cards below, including the Goddess tarot, which showed up for me this morning encouraging me to get this going!)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, 2012!

January 1, 2012, what a great day to start a new blog for Spirit.
I have blogged about Tarot and Spirit a number of times on my original blog, The Magical World of JennySRP, but it is a hodgepodge for work as well, so I thought having a specific blog for Spirit could help those following me in that way to have more organization.
So let's get started!
My card for 2012 is 8 Strength (or Fortitude or Power in some decks).
(You find your year card by adding your birthday with the year, for me it is 10+11+2012, October 11.)
 It's pretty clear from the original iconography of this card that it is a symbol for the "Lion Tamer"... but I also love the images of the Lion being put to peace, friendly and playful, as an allie, rather than a foe.  I don't know if this means it will be a difficult year during which I will find the strength to cope, or if it means all my fears will stand by my side as my army and confidants.   I have a feeling this year is more about coming into my own, being the leading lady in my own life, as they would say in The Holiday.

My New Years Eve reading in a pentagram style as described on Tarotize is below. I will use Tarotize a lot for guidance as I learn about the Tarot and play with different and new readings. It's a great blog!

 Here I am using John Holland's Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, which is currently the only physical deck I have, but that won't be the case for long! It's a little less than traditional, since it introduces the Chakras and only goes up to 9 on the minor arcana suites.  I really like the imagery though, and can often get a good feeling from seeing these. I also use the Goddess Tarot as an app on my itouch.

This pentagram above represents different elements.
1. Earth Element (Physical and Financial Health): 18M Shadow (Traditionally the Moon), This could mean I'll be facing and working through a lot of my fears with health and money. I feel like I've come a really long way in regards to both, so it should be interesting to see how this card manifests as the year goes on.

2. Spirit Element (Spiritual Lesson for the year): Ace 1 Wands, Passion Ignited. It's not surprising to see that spirit will continue to light my heart on fire (so to speak) throughout the year, since 2011 was a huge year for growing spiritually, as I have been on a major healing journey. This card stands for new beginnings, new revelations, I'm being told to let my spirit soar, have confidence and inspiration in myself.

3. Fire Element (Creativity, Willpower, Work/Calling): 9 Pentacles, Material Harvest. Projects have been set in motion and it looks like 2012 will in fact be a really beneficial year for setting things up for creative career. Finally, the kind of life I have envisioned for myself will start to manifest (2012 feels like a year of building solid foundations for a lot of great prosperity further on in the future).

4. Air Element (Problem Solving, Communication): 8 Pentacles, Positive Movement Forward. This is the affirmation card for Artists.  Creativity and actually manifesting works of art will be my dominant mode of communicating my soul purpose this year, as well as using it to solve any fears, questions, or problems I may be unraveling mentally.

5. Water Element (Emotions and Relationships): 2 Sacral Chakra. Again this is not does not have a standard interpretation in traditional tarot, but I like the Chakra cards since I have been dealing and getting to understand my body so well since I became ill over 5 years ago.  This card is quite obvious, since the second chakra is associated with sensuality, sexuality, and creativity.  Passion in my relationships will then manifest into the creativity seen in the other areas of the pentagram.

6. Interface, Service to Humanity in 2012: 1 Base Chakra. This is a little confusing, since the base chakra is all about your own basic needs and survival.  I definitely see 2012 being a year of hibernation, in the sense I'll be holed up, creating the foundation for the next decade or so, as far as my career and health goes, so my best service to the rest of humanity is to get my own act together and make sure I take good care of myself!

Now, I also did a one-card-per-month reading, back in November, as a projection into 2012 since I had no idea what this year would bring.

This is more to-the-point on a month by month basis. The one I did in 2010 for 2011 was very accurate, so I'm sure I'll see more of this coming too.
January starts with 6M The Lovers, and ends with 1Ace Cups, Love Begins.. so I'd say that is pretty good
 ^-^...The cards reinforce the ideas of love, prosperity, foundations, and becoming a leader in my own right. The three additional cards are for Advice, Action, and Outcome...  Should be a good year! Cheers to that!
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