Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, 2012!

January 1, 2012, what a great day to start a new blog for Spirit.
I have blogged about Tarot and Spirit a number of times on my original blog, The Magical World of JennySRP, but it is a hodgepodge for work as well, so I thought having a specific blog for Spirit could help those following me in that way to have more organization.
So let's get started!
My card for 2012 is 8 Strength (or Fortitude or Power in some decks).
(You find your year card by adding your birthday with the year, for me it is 10+11+2012, October 11.)
 It's pretty clear from the original iconography of this card that it is a symbol for the "Lion Tamer"... but I also love the images of the Lion being put to peace, friendly and playful, as an allie, rather than a foe.  I don't know if this means it will be a difficult year during which I will find the strength to cope, or if it means all my fears will stand by my side as my army and confidants.   I have a feeling this year is more about coming into my own, being the leading lady in my own life, as they would say in The Holiday.

My New Years Eve reading in a pentagram style as described on Tarotize is below. I will use Tarotize a lot for guidance as I learn about the Tarot and play with different and new readings. It's a great blog!

 Here I am using John Holland's Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, which is currently the only physical deck I have, but that won't be the case for long! It's a little less than traditional, since it introduces the Chakras and only goes up to 9 on the minor arcana suites.  I really like the imagery though, and can often get a good feeling from seeing these. I also use the Goddess Tarot as an app on my itouch.

This pentagram above represents different elements.
1. Earth Element (Physical and Financial Health): 18M Shadow (Traditionally the Moon), This could mean I'll be facing and working through a lot of my fears with health and money. I feel like I've come a really long way in regards to both, so it should be interesting to see how this card manifests as the year goes on.

2. Spirit Element (Spiritual Lesson for the year): Ace 1 Wands, Passion Ignited. It's not surprising to see that spirit will continue to light my heart on fire (so to speak) throughout the year, since 2011 was a huge year for growing spiritually, as I have been on a major healing journey. This card stands for new beginnings, new revelations, I'm being told to let my spirit soar, have confidence and inspiration in myself.

3. Fire Element (Creativity, Willpower, Work/Calling): 9 Pentacles, Material Harvest. Projects have been set in motion and it looks like 2012 will in fact be a really beneficial year for setting things up for creative career. Finally, the kind of life I have envisioned for myself will start to manifest (2012 feels like a year of building solid foundations for a lot of great prosperity further on in the future).

4. Air Element (Problem Solving, Communication): 8 Pentacles, Positive Movement Forward. This is the affirmation card for Artists.  Creativity and actually manifesting works of art will be my dominant mode of communicating my soul purpose this year, as well as using it to solve any fears, questions, or problems I may be unraveling mentally.

5. Water Element (Emotions and Relationships): 2 Sacral Chakra. Again this is not does not have a standard interpretation in traditional tarot, but I like the Chakra cards since I have been dealing and getting to understand my body so well since I became ill over 5 years ago.  This card is quite obvious, since the second chakra is associated with sensuality, sexuality, and creativity.  Passion in my relationships will then manifest into the creativity seen in the other areas of the pentagram.

6. Interface, Service to Humanity in 2012: 1 Base Chakra. This is a little confusing, since the base chakra is all about your own basic needs and survival.  I definitely see 2012 being a year of hibernation, in the sense I'll be holed up, creating the foundation for the next decade or so, as far as my career and health goes, so my best service to the rest of humanity is to get my own act together and make sure I take good care of myself!

Now, I also did a one-card-per-month reading, back in November, as a projection into 2012 since I had no idea what this year would bring.

This is more to-the-point on a month by month basis. The one I did in 2010 for 2011 was very accurate, so I'm sure I'll see more of this coming too.
January starts with 6M The Lovers, and ends with 1Ace Cups, Love Begins.. so I'd say that is pretty good
 ^-^...The cards reinforce the ideas of love, prosperity, foundations, and becoming a leader in my own right. The three additional cards are for Advice, Action, and Outcome...  Should be a good year! Cheers to that!


  1. With regards to your 'Service card' - 'Creating foundations' in general is a good thing to keep in mind. Choices you make are likely to have lasting effects. Looking after yourself is certainly your top priority but you may also find that you have a grounding influence on others by your sheer presence.

  2. Oh, good thinking, Lisa! Thanks for your input!


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