Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Fool of 2012

Let's see what The Fool has to say to me, starting this new year of 2012.
The Fool is a card I am very familiar with.  I suppose it is because I am still pretty young, everything is new when you are growing up.  Plus The Fool is the only tarot card I managed to illustrate last year, as I did here above with the inspiration of Zelda to get me going...
The Fool moves forward with an open heart and open mind, a spring in his step full of optimism and wonder at the new world set before him.  A little dog warns him not to be too hasty, lest he fall off the cliff, but somewhere the Fool knows that all that is just another adventure, and he embraces it!
The Fool is telling me that this year, my child-like optimism and perhaps even my naivete will serve me well as I grow my freelance career and pursue new interests and new travels. He reminds me to see the child-like curiosity in others, and therefor have an immediate connection to other people through our common interest of pursuing happiness.
Thank you, Fool!  Let's pick up our satchel and be on our way then, shall we!?
(Other Fool cards below, including the Goddess tarot, which showed up for me this morning encouraging me to get this going!)


  1. Love your Fool, Jenny! Please keep going with more cards as I would love to see what you come up with. I'm sure the process will be healing to you as well :) Brightest blessings for New Beginnings in 2012!

  2. Thanks so much, Lisa! As energy allows I will certainly continue. It is a life goal to illustrate a tarot deck!


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