Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Week of Preparation

Only one week until my long-distance love arrives for a 10 day visit. We're both antsy in our anticipation, and this week will be a big one of preparation before he arrives. 
I initially drew 5 cards, but then one leapt out at me so I chose a new topic for it (before I turned it over).
Preparation: 19M Light (The Sun), Do it all with total and utter love and joy.
Advice: 2 Cups (Spiritual Union), Remember, it's about the two of you!
Outcome: 11M Balance (Justice) Ready. Prepared. Balanced. Everything is in its place.
Activity: 7 Pentacles (Patience and Planning) Duh. I will have to practice patience, I'm too excited! Also have to organize plans and resources.
Emotion: Ace of Swords (Triumphant Success). Clear thinking (FINALLY my brain has been so fuzzy), able to see what is important and what is not. "Cut the Fat" is what it is telling me to do, there's no room for dark thought.
Energy: 9 Cups (Fulfillment of Wishes). Are you ready to have your wishes granted? Here it comes...
^-^ so happeh and excited. This year I picked 6M The Lovers as my January card, so, I think it's all about to come true. I'm so ready.

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