Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Emperor of 2012

Last year was a Chariot (7M) year for me, which is also my Life Path card, so it was an extreme year of staying true to what I wanted to achieve, even when everyone around me was telling me it was a little weird, and having to re-structure a lot of my beliefs about money, health, success, and happiness. Moving into 2012 (an 8M Strength year) has me a little dizzy, with all the Charioting I've been doing.  Authority (The Emperor 4M) is here to put his foot down and allow the dust to settle and find it's place firmly on the rock foundation of my life.  Now Strength and Power and Authority are running the show, soldering together the miracles and the mundane, and making sure I'm following the rules of this reality in order to succeed.

The Emperor is bringing up mixed feelings for me, Power in myself, and also a fear of Others.  There have been many people in my life who have given me very strong beliefs that do not really work with my mode of operations, and I know I will have to stay strong-willed and confident in order to become the Authority of my own life.

  The Emperor tells me "You've done this before, you have proven yourself an EXCELLENT leader on many occasions. You know how to rally, how to organize resources, how to navigate out of a maze, hold on to those examples of your shining success! Forget the other Kings and Queens and how they choose to manage THEIR kingdoms, you have a marvelous and spectacular kingdom all your own to rule. You're HERE!"

With Strength, my lovely lion friend, right by my side, I know the Emperor is right. And I, once a Fool, am now ready to be the Ruler of my World.

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