Saturday, January 7, 2012

House Spread

This is a reading based off of Tarotize  , to illuminate missions in correlation to your physical residence.
My house number adds up to 10, The Wheel of Fortune (Destiny), so I guess I really was meant to be here! ^-^ Certainly I will always consider this a very necessary part of my life.

Spiritual Lesson tied to living in this house: 2 Swords, Mental Conflict

Challenge Living Here: 8M Strength (Power)

Helpful approach to living here: 7 Pentacles, Patience and Planning

Mental conflict is a little bit of a surprise to me, because I was so sure of my plan when I moved here. To get healthy, and then be able to work, and then save up to move back to LA to start a full fledged career and be back with my friends. I guess the conflict has started only very recently when I decided maybe I don't want to go back to LA at all, and staying here in Denver will be very temporary. I certainly won't be in this house more than 3 or 4 months from now.

The Challenge of Strength is quite clear. Living with my sister and her husband has been so wonderful, they are so very generous, but learning to grow into an adult, dealing with the limitations of illness, and still trying to develop my identity as an adult, has been a challenge, especially since my goals and talents are very very different from the people I am living with.

Patience and Planning is definitely what my time here has been about. Re-sorting health, finances, and plans for the future has been the ultimate goal, and has been the blue-print for my way into the next phase of life.

I'm ready for some light and fun in my life. Can we make that happen now? I'm tired of being so disciplined. I trust Destiny, The Wheel of Fortune, however, to continually turn the tides and renew life once again soon.

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