Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Hierophant's message for 2012

5 of the Major Arcana is The Hierophant, the symbol for tradition, community, wisdom, and faith.  I have really warmed up to this card over the last year, as I have come to terms with a lot of discomfort I have had about religion.  The Hierophant is the symbol at the center of all religions which reminds us of its purpose, to unite people in a community by common practices, so that when tragedy or need arises, a group effort or prayer can bring us back into the light. This card is the answer to the isolation conundrum most people feel these days, the "No Man is an Island" card. I really sense a deep feeling of a wave of new meaning coming into the world for uniting on a level unseen before that the Hierophant here can stand for.
(Of course, the opposite can be stubborn-ness, conservative thinking, unyielding to change, all also aspects of this archetype)
I'm having trouble finding good images of this card, but maybe that's a sign I just need to stop and sit with it for a moment.
When I did my life attunement reading with Lawrence Woodson last May, I got this card right along with The High Priestess, The Emperor, The Fool, and The Hermit. He asked me if I planned to start my own religion, and I laughed, thinking "I knew he was going to ask that..." but also tickled by the thought since Dogma has been such a dark and oppressive force in my thoughts about religion. However, I marvel at the idea of helping people come into the light, to re-order the universe in their minds as a benevolent reality, and to help others find healing, peace and a deep sense of their own love, as well as seeking that in myself every day.

"Beyond the Man" is the message I'm getting today. Looking at the Hierophant I see not the person, the incarnation of the archetype, but simply and only what he stands for.  In the John Holland card, his back is facing me, and the book is what is glowing, shining, the teaching itself is what is important.  This year, people will continue to see me and my form how they know me, what they project onto me, and how they see me, but how I AM, what I do, where my actions come from, and what I say will come from another place, and it will benefit others whether they know where it comes from or not.  What I say is my Karma, and what they say is theirs.  I know to act all my intentions through a channel other than what I think is ME, my identity, and my ego.

Thank you, sir!

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  1. Hi, I have a question - I really like the upper-right Hierophant card in your post and I wanted to ask which deck is it from, because it really speaks to me, it's elegant, conservative and very symbolic as well :) please contact me at kkecsk@gmail.com thanks ;)


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