Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Empress of 2012

Moving on on my guided journey into 2012, we're now on the fourth card of the major arcana, The Empress (3M). She is the Mother Archetype, of growth, nurturing, love, harvest.  I think my experience with her has been that of her reversed meaning, the scorned mother who has turned away from her creation and left a land barren.  I don't know why I feel that way, but especially when I see the Goddess Tarot version of the Empress I feel anything BUT fertile and creative and loving.

She is asking me if my feeling "balanced" has actually been more an act of repression, a way to protect myself from the incredibly difficult circumstances and events that have passed over the last  6 years. I always wonder that myself.  She says that this year is a good year to start unearthing that a little, just a little piece at a time.  I have been practicing every day with the thought of Infinite Abundance, and it has still been a great struggle for me. There is never enough energy, enough resources, enough freedom.  I ask the Empress now to help me see the infinite abundance and creativity of the Universe.  I ask her to help me truly set up the foundations, plant the seeds, and allow my true purpose to grow and manifest.

I know she will comply. I just hope I know how to receive her help and abundance when it is offered.

Semi-related to this post, a blue butterfly has been chasing me. Not specifically the blue morpho, but just a blue butterfly. I'm seeing them everywhere. Butterflies signify creativity, romance, joy and spirituality, as well as transformation. And the empress picture above also has a blue butterfly. I'll keep my mind open about this.

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