Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Bodhi', melt my heart!

True love is the desire to maintain the happiness of all beings impartially, regardless of whether we like them or not.
Ling Rinpoche

I have not posted for a while and need a little good Karma... I'm sick(got a yucky cold!), totally broke, and my family in all aspects is stretched thin "like butter spread over too much bread" (Tolkein).  I feel quite at peace in the eye of the storm, but pray for the wheel of dharma to keep on turning. Fill what is empty, and empty what is full.  Big changes are coming for me in the next few months, and while I am so excited and relish the thought of where I'll be sitting in 3 months time, I also pray so much for the happiness of those who surround me, and wish so much for their dreams and prosperity to come to fruition. 

Dear God,
Please open all our hearts and our minds to your infinite, universal prosperity and abundance.
We surrender to you all our debts, karmic and material, and we surrender to you all our wealth, karmic and material.  Open us up to receive abundantly. Allow your prosperity to flow through us in ways that serve the world.

Anything that does not allow the beauty and generous fertility of the universe to flow through us, will we destroy and un-create that now? 
Right and wrong, good and bad, pod poc, all nines, shorts, boys, and beyonds.

Thank you.

A great book on eliminating old and negative thought patterns and beliefs, with exercises to open you up to receive from the Universe in every aspect.

A really lovely and entertaining documentary on another way of looking at science, health, and our connection to things beyond our bodies and minds.

My favorite resource for tarot advice and learning.

This weekend is the Denver Metaphysical Fair , I am really hoping I get to go at some point, I would love to be surrounded by like minds! Just putting it out there, Universe!

Namaste to all. 

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