Thursday, September 6, 2012

Election Prayer

I posted this photo on Valentine's day as a reminder of Love (Chapter 6 from A Course in Miracles), and came across it again today when I needed it most.... when debating politics. We know what we believe is right, and sometimes feel it is our duty to make another see the "error" in their ways, and this passage reminded me to not only give up the belief that I can be attacked and also take responsibility for the attacking I may also be doing myself. Thus a prayer is in need, as I have written as follows....

Dear God, The Universe, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Albert Einstein, Aliens and honorary creatures, to the part of myself that is greater than the parts of myself;
During this argumentative time of the USA Presidential Elections, I pray that you help keep me present and out of ego, and help me to stand awash in the light of truth. 
Let me not be swayed by lies or tempted by tricks. Let me see truth and speak truth. 
I pray for the utmost benefit for all man kind, 
I pray for the wealth and health of all men who should seek it or need it.  
I pray that those who cannot give should not be asked to give, and I pray that those who wish to serve are awakened to their chance to serve.  
I pray for the healing of those who are ill, I pray for prosperity, success, and happiness for all who seek it in their lives. 
 I pray that I may not leave my senses and revert to insanity if I should feel personally attacked by anothers' beliefs.  
I wish to be reminded that I can never be truly attacked.
I pray for my brothers and for myself. 
I pray for what is righteous and what is true, in whatever form you see fit to manifest.
May I serve how you would have me serve. 
May I work how you would have me work.
May I speak as you would have me speak.
And OH! my infinitely generous and loving reality, May I receive as you would have me receive!

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