Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Security, Grounding, and Finances

Hallo Spirit Seekers, and Guten Tag from Frankfurt!

It has been far too long since I have blogged for Spirit, (it's been a little difficult since I began my long-cation in Frankfurt, blogger doesn't translate very well!) but I have not been absent from the practice of Spirit. My connection and practice continues to grow every day and I am more and more grateful. The danger of getting too involved in Spirit though is that you can find yourself living very much in your upper three or four Chakras, as I have been doing, feeling a little bit "head up in the clouds", a little woo woo, a little out of touch with reality, and this month, November, is my month of the 6 of Pentacles... time to review my material and physical life, including my finances.  I have really struggled with money since I left graduate school and began my healing journey to cure myself of CFIDS and Fibromyalgia.  I gave myself a year, where I lived off my credit cards and leftover grant money I had been awarded in graduate school, and put everything into healing.  I did extraordinary well for the first 9 months, indeed curing myself of Fibromyalgia, but still struggling with CFIDS which was the original illness anyway.  I had a major crash in autumn of last year, which threw me off my one year goal, and although I had somewhat of a remission in the first part of this year, I crashed again once I got settled into my new life.  Now I am settling and coming out of a relapse and it is time to oversee my affairs, my finances, and my security in this physical world.

In my therapist training there is a VERY simple exercise to see which areas of your life need balancing. You simply draw a circle and divide it into eight parts and label them the following: Family, Friends, Love/Intimacy, Work, Finances, Hobbies, Health, and Spirit. Then you grade each on a scale of 0-10 (0 being despairingly sparse in your life, 10 being excellent).

My chart showed Finances at a 2, extremely low. The rest of my chart was at or above a 5. Family and Health were at a 5, simply because I have been away from my family for 5 months and don't have plans to cross the ocean to see them for about a year, so I miss them quite a bit, and Health because although I am still ill I am confident in my treatments and feel good about moving forward with my health.  So it was very clear to me that although Work was at a 6 (very satisfying, I just wish I could do it more, but I cannot because of my Health), my Finances are really stuck in a rut, and I am going to do a tarot reading to see how to apply all the other areas of my life in regards to Finances so that maybe I can attain more balance in this area of my life.

I started off lighting a candle (in an orange red container as a bonus!) and did a short Root Chakra meditation.  This has one imagine being more securely attached to Ground, more part of this world, Rooted in the physical realm. I'm going to lay out the cards on the ground (there is more room there, and hey, GROUND!) and arrange the cards in a circle as I have them written in the exercise. All cards will correspond to balancing the circle as a whole with the intention of all areas finding balance, but especially in regards to grounding.  As always I ask my inner light and spirit guides acting in my highest interest to protect and guide me in this reading.

This is a 10 card reading, one for each of the areas, one for the focus, and one for final advice and encouragement. (Using the beautiful Gilded Tarot which is the only deck I brought with me to Germany).

Focus for Grounding, Balancing of Finances: 9 of Cups, bringing more joy into life, and satisfaction. The inn keeper gives joy and receives joy and compensation. Focus on your paradise, your bounty is waiting for you. Also, a toast to you for visiting this topic! (so happy!)

Family: 5 of Pentacles, You are realizing that a lot of your beliefs about money come from very old family history and beliefs. Both sides came from extremely hard, laborious, and impoverished families  Generations of coal miners, war veterans, fisherman, and much poverty brought your parents to their lifetimes. Focus on the accomplishments your parents made to create a new story for their abundance. Focus on your siblings' prosperity and new ideals for life and abundance. Every generation creates a new world, and new opportunity for true prosperity.

Friends: 16M The Tower, this could be the hardest to admit, but even your peers who have finally gotten into their dream jobs are still struggling financially. Even your friends working YOUR dream job are struggling financially. Let this remind you that work and finances are not always linked. You do not always have to work extra hard to make the most money. You do not always achieve financial success when you reach one goal. Realize that it is OK for your old dreams to fall away. Be aware that anything can happen, and everything can change at any time. Be present because this too shall pass.
NOTE! I'm  a firm believer in "follow your bliss and the money will come", but what is being presented is an awareness to others' BELIEFS about poverty and money. People can achieve their dreams and still live in poverty consciousness, never awakening to see the gifts and miracles presented to them. Being aware of your wealth is the first step in creating it. If you cannot see it, how can you have it!?

Work: 8 of Wands, Another reminder here that work and finances are not always related. Work is on a much better level for you than finances, and this card shows that your work is moving forward steadily and with ease, even though you cannot devote much time to it due to illness. You are on the right track, just keep moving forward. Right now elements outside of you are moving your work faster than you are putting in. Let it. It will likely mean that the financial gain is not far to follow.

Spirit: Queen of Wands, Your spiritual connection is on FIRE! Answers are arriving before you know the questions. Pursue activity for the sake of the activity alone, not any pre-conceived notion of its worth. You will be honored for who you are, and receive accordingly. Be yourself at all costs. (Going with the notion that I do not always know what is best, Spirit will guide me and I trust and Know that where it guides me is the best way).

Health: Page of Cups, This card as it appears in my Goddess Tarot app always means my boyfriend to me, but it has a slightly different meaning in this deck. The message I got was: It is important to heed good advice now, in regards to your health, and to receive support from those who love you, in any way they can give it. Do not limit your receiving from the ones you love by thinking you know what you should be getting. Be grateful and delighted by the gifts you receive! Especially if they are not what you expect! It may be more healing to your physical body than you realize.

Finances: Queen of Swords, You certainly aren't here because you lack intelligence or discipline (no ma'am!) these are strengths of yours, but it is time to use them in new ways. Change your beliefs about money, finances, and what you "should" have or "need" to have. You know now which ways your past investment did not work, let go of the guilt, ease tension, and move forward.

Hobbies: Two of Cups, You share your life now with another. Your life is undeniably now intertwined. The joy you share together flows into benefit all other areas of your life. Don't be afraid to include his sucess as your own, your being helps him be happier and more successful, so you share these. Every hobby and act of joy you share feeds into the wellness and success of all areas for a more abundant life. Cheers!! (Again, so happy!)

Love: Seven of Pentacles, The relationship you are building is absolutely contributing to a harvest in the physical and material realm in the near future. Together you plant the seeds for an abundant life, and in this joy, all areas will benefit. The material wealth you seek will ripen with your relationship, just be a little more patient for Harvest Day.

Additional advice: 6M The Lovers, Ahhh Amor. I suppose the prince of cups was still related to boyfriend after all. :) .. You have done well to seek and attain Harmony in all areas of your life. Your enourmous growth in the Love section this year is elevating all levels, including finances.  Let him care for you as he wishes to do. Your worth to him is so much more than money. Be here now, you are right where you are meant to be.

This reading has filled me with incredible joy. I don't usually get such a giddy bubbling feeling from a reading, but this reading has been extremely warm, celebratory, and delicious. As a couple, my partner and I are moving to the UK in February which is the beginning of a new prosperous phase certainly with his career, and I need to learn to be OK with accepting that as also my joy and not be so hard on myself for not contributing equally in that area. I know I am contributing in other ways that balance the relationship.

This reading lifted my blue mood right into the rosy light of love.  It's all so clear now too, brushing away the spider webs to get a peak into my subconscious. The tarot is really speaking to me again. :)

Thank you thank you thank you, bright blessings, bright lights, sparkles, rainbows, and ponies to you all.

Now I must rest. zzZZzzz.

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