Friday, April 6, 2012

Call for tarot reading requests!

Hello my friends,

Lately I have had some really stucky (stuck plus sucky) things going on and was trying to think of a way to have some good fun and shift my own perspective and energy.  Because of this I would like to ask for requests for anyone who wants a little tarot reading! A few things I want to make clear:

1.  I do not pretend to have any magical powers (besides everyone's already natural magical powers!)
2.  I am not promising any kind of accurate "predictions" this is just for fun!
3.  I do not read tarot as any sort of spiritual or religious pretentiousness or belief pushing.

Having said that! I have been giving tarot readings to friends and family for a little over a year, and each time it turns out to be very entertaining.  I have some of my own magical and spiritual beliefs about the tarot, but more than anything I believe the tarot is a fantastic psychological tool to help us get a new perspective on a situation where we feel stuck or unsure. Think of it as a sort of Rorschach test... the ink blots can show you what it is you see in your life right now.  I DO believe that we tend not to tap into some of our great mental capacities that are less understood by science (think "Blink" by Malcom Gladwell ).  

I started studying neurology after my mom suffered a massive stroke in 2005, and that paired with my growing interest in religious studies (from an archaeological and storytelling point of view at first, then developing my own brand of spirituality) led me to see the world in a new way and have some great things happen that I never would have recognized before.  The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force is a great read of neurological studies that describes the many ways our brain continues to surprise and delight us, through trauma and miracles, all based on surgical and neurological research studies.  Basically, I believe that the frontier of our brain power is highly undiscovered, and tapping into imagination and storytelling with the Tarot can help us create new futures for ourselves.

The tarot thus helps describe our human experience in the form of the Hero's Journey, and any questions we have, the tarot can act like a good friend, reflecting back what we already know, or giving fresh insights into a situation we need a new perspective on.

In my tarot readings, there is no voodoo mojo, dark magic, icky wickies, mal-intent, devil spawn, or evil witchcraft... it is more about a child-like imagination and entertainment.

So if you'd like a little reading, for  your entertainment and for my own, email me at with your question or area of interest and I'll email you back if I have any more questions, or just with your reading results.


P.S. If you want to hang out and do this in person, I'll be in Denver until April 15, LA on April 18, and in Thousand Oaks  through the end of May. (I'll also be back in LA the first week of June)

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  1. I have had so much fun doing these readings! It can be such a great opening, cathartic experience for people! It's a great avenue to get people to feel comfortable feeling what they are feeling about certain things. Thanks for everyone who participated!! <3 Light and Love, Namaste


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