Sunday, April 22, 2012

Relationship Spread

I am using this sample spread from Love Dove Tarot today for a relationship reading.  My partner got a little nervous about the pretense of this being very serious, but since we are in a good place I decided to "re-write" the premise and use the spread as a guide.  As I said we are in a very good place, I just realize some little old issues and beliefs coming up for me that I know don't actually have anything to do with him and want to explore these further, and he has agreed to do the reading with me.  What I told him is not to be nervous because everything is what you make of it, so this does not have to be a tower-crumbling experience. (He even said the other day that sometimes he feels like I try to knock down the nice brick walls he's built around himself and he's just not ready for that yet, but I love knocking down my own walls, so we'll see if that is reflected here...)

Again, a spread is what you make of it.  I'm going to have Matt interpret for me what he thinks certain cards mean as well.  The cards are reflections of our own psychological reactions, so whether something offends us or consoles us, that is what it means. The fact that even though he was a little tentative about doing this with me but wants to join me in it anyway is a huge gesture of love and support for me, and I am grateful to him for that.

1. Their understanding of the dynamic you have.
3 of Pentacles: Matt said he saw a single guy working a fairly simple job, and that the pentacles looked like shields. Together we determined that he sees that the relationship frees up his defenses, and he still has them, but they protect him freely and lightly... that this is a very light and free card.
2. Your understanding of the dynamic you have.
4 of Cups: This relationship to me is teaching me how to receive the gifts I've been given, the Universe is giving me Matt, right before my eyes, so that I may start to acknowledge myself and my gifts and my accomplishments and finally learn to enjoy!
3. Higher reason for you coming together.
10 of Cups: To finally "come home" to bliss together
4. Their projections on you.
3 of Wands: He is literally waiting for his ship to come in, ie for me to arrive in Frankfurt for us to start our life together.  He is waiting on me.
5. Your projections on your partner.
16 M The Tower HAH! I laughed for a solid minute when I drew this card, and Matt rolled his eyes and let his face fall into his hands.  Yes, I am trying to dismantle Matt's walls, the foundations that he has built, and dissect everything to "free" him, but after our talk yesterday I realize how unhelpful it can be when one thinks their walls and foundations are good just the way they are, thank you very much, and it's not my job to take down his walls!
6. What your partner will heal through owning what they project.
7 of Cups: In this case, Matt sees that he'll get everything he wants, that his "dreams will come true". An affirmation that moves him along his souls path despite what others have told him in the past that was really unsupportive.
7. What you will heal through owning what you project.
9M The Hermit I'll no longer have to wander and teach alone, my lessons have been absorbed and I'm ready to move into a partnership, I'm ready to share all I've learned and taught.
8-10. Steps on the healing journey (describes past, present and future of the relationship)
Ace of Cups (our love beginning, obviously), Knight of Wands (our passion and excitement moving us forward very quickly and the grand adventure of us exploring Europe together for the next couple of years. The future holding the Ace of Pentacles, a huge gift, a great foundation upon which we will build our lives.
11. The outcome provided you go through all steps in awareness.
7M the Chariot ... VICTORY! We will always have puzzles to work on together, but the Magician has taught us inthe past that we are capable of figuring out these riddles together. Even though the Chariot is stationary in this manifestation, it implies movement and success. I am quite happy with that.

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