Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dream: Calling all Angels

I had this very powerful dream a few weeks ago and a friend asked me to share:

I dreamed I was in a food hall like on a camp ground, where all the families from the camp site come in and have dinner, like a cafeteria.  My food looks delicious but has hair in it, so it is not appetizing to eat.  A bell rings to call attention to everyone in the mess hall ... it is my family and many families and people I don't know, though we're all in the camp together. (This is like a recreational summer camp, not like a prison camp).
The bells ring and they announce for everyone to gather together for an announcement. Everyone gathers and talks quietly. Into the room enters a few nuns, dressed in black in the old catholic style. 

 A skinny nun with darker skin comes straight to me, and she seems threatening but I soften my heart to hear what she has to say to me.  She asks me if I've spoken to God and I say yes. She asks me to walk with her. We leave the room and walk outside, up a hill towards a tree.  She asks me, "Why don't your friends and family talk to God? They do not love God?" and I reply, "The God they have been taught to know is the Devil taking God's name. They do not want to speak with a God who demands to call himself God, They do not know of God's love because the Devil has claimed God's message and name for himself."  after saying that the nun turned into a banshee... a flying screaching black demon of smoke, and she flew to the tree. I did not know what she went to the tree for so I looked at the tree, curious. Up in the tree the branches turned to smoky demons all screeching at me, and I ran, and they chased me. I ran as fast as I could and the demons could not keep up.

 I ran to a balcony overlooking the camp and I saw the sun coming up, or setting, I'm not sure which, it was a white sun on the horizon.  

I pounded on the balcony in a rythm like drums and started chanting singing "Calling All Angels" (just those words, and not exactly like the song but more chanting) over and over I pounded my hands on the balcony and chanted/sang "Calling All Angels, Calling All Angels" over and over and everyone in the camp joined me. All their voices joined me and all the pounding at the same time like we were drumming. It was like a crescendo of everyone singing and pounding together, all repeating, calling all angels, the feeling I had in my heart was so overwhelming I had tears streaming down my face. It was beautiful, a call for help but full of hope. I knew that all these people could see that they were the angels, that they were God, that together we are all God. 

I woke up with my heart pounding so hard!!! And the chanting was ringing in my ears for a long time after. It was a very powerful dream.


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