Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've been away!

The last month has been really challenging for me, but I'm on my way to bigger things. I have been absent from a lot of my spirit work, Tarot hasn't been speaking to me clearly and my sleep has been too interrupted to concentrate on dreams. Despite that I have kept up with my spiritual practice, studying a course in miracles and keeping up with my affirmations and prayers, and short moments of meditation. I recently received a wonderful angel Tarot reading from Mistic Tarot which reflected a  lot my need for self reflection and more quiet time inside me. That's hard to get these days but the affirmation was important to have.

The prayer I have hanging above my monitor I read many times a day, keeps me in line with some of my wishes:

Dear Universe,
I wish to live my life with a sense of ease and joy. I choose this now.
Life strengthens me and work satisfies me. My life is filled with purpose and passion.
I work effectively and efficiently with little effort.
I am care free and all of my needs are taken care of easily.
It is easy for me to find comfort and enjoyment, and I am truly fulfilled by my daily life.
Prosperity and luck flow through me generously because I know that all wealth and abundance that come to me will be shared with the world to increase infinite abundance for all.
My life and my work serve the world and give me everything I need.

My morning prayer goes like this:

Dear God,
I give you this day, the fruit of my labors and the desires of my heart.
Deliver to me remembrance of my holiness and wholeness... for myself and for my brothers and sisters.  My life flows effortlessly and is filled with miraculous and joyful experiences.
I do not need to worry about what to say or what to do for He who sent me will direct me. My work is easy and meaningful.  I am open to receive health, love, wisdom, and wealth.  I wake up today and I am refreshed and revitalized, strengthened by life, every breath a new beginning, every breath fresh karma.

Help me remember that I can bless this day, I am making miracles, and that I am of the same mind as the ever expansive, beautiful, and loving  Universe.

I attempted to do my own angel reading last night because Angels just keep popping up everywhere, but this deck is hard for me to connect with.  The overall message I got was a re-iteration of my journey through the flames to come out Gold... well at least that's the first part... the rest of the cards I had a very hard time connecting with and understanding. I do much better with symbolism and metaphors. So if anyone has any idea about these cards I'd be glad to hear it :)

Hopefully if all goes according to plan I'll be blogging from Germany next month.  Waiting is the hardest thing to do! But if you remember my annual reading in January, May was my month for 14M Patience, and June 21M The Universe/The World... so it should all go according to plan.

Happiness to you all! I know this journey can be very confusing sometimes, but let's just have fun with it, right?!

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