Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Couples Reading on Valentine's Day

Matt and I did a reading together today, to get the flow of our current relationship situation and how we can best take advantage of these magical early stages of our relationship. So enlightening! And really, this gilded tarot is really growing on me. The images are making me feel so much better now. What a supportive and sneaky and joyful deck this is.
In setting up a reading for yourself, for a client, or as a couple, the easiest thing is just to come up with some questions that are relevant to your current situation and how you'd like to move forward. I found that 10 questions would be plenty to cover all the areas I was curious about! I asked Matt if he agreed on the topics and he did and we moved forward, interpreting one card at a time.

1. Our spirit of love (overall theme): 19M The Sun (HOW LOVELY!), joy, light, spirit
2. Matt's role: 10 of Cups .. to come home to pure contentment
3. My role: 7 of Pentacles ... to patiently tend the bounty until it is time for harvest
4. Where we can grow: King of Swords ... not sure about this one, we already are very strong in communication and intellectual stimulation, but confidence might be an issue.
5. How we support each other: 8M Strength (perfect!)
6. How we test each other : 4 of Pentacles (this was a little confusing to us, though it feels quite obvious to me that figuring out our financial situations in order to be together is at the forefront...)
7. What is our strength as a couple? : Queen of Wands... inspiration, passion, fire, excitement... as my energy healer said "your heart is exploding!!"
8. What I teach Matt: 2M The High Priestess ... intuition, non-logical thinking... magical thinking, endless possibilities.
9. What Matt teaches me: 12M The Hanged Man ... acting like a fool is great when you're coming from your own truth, we may not fit into the typical societal norms (each of us individually or as a couple), but we're acting from our own truth and not afraid to show it.
10. Future Prospects: 2 of Pentacles... if my dreamboard for the universe had a card, it would be this one, to balance with joy all aspects of life.. work, fun, intellect, emotion, spirit, physical being and richness... and to gain strength from it.  I hope this means that Matt and I will have a fulfilled and balanced and joyful and magical life together.

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