Monday, February 13, 2012

A Course in LOVE

I have been studying A Course in Miracles (slowly.. this book is freaking enormous), and how quaint and appropriate that I've now fallen on Chapter 6, Lessons in Love, just a day before Valentine's Day. It probably doesn't have a lot to do with romantic love, but I'm sure it corresponds quite nicely to Marianne Williamson's Enchanted Love, which I am now almost finished with. The lessons that Marianne is teaching me through her interpretations of A Course in Miracles towards relationships just fills me with a big "YES" of recognition and truth.  Let's stay in the light! Let's stay in the ecstasy! Let's stay in the glory!
I love that Chapter 6 corresponds to the 6 card in the Tarot.. The Lovers.

"When two hearts join in ecstasy and rapture, an army of light ascends and the world is brought closer to heaven. Literally.  The beloved's hand on us, like a baby's hand, holds power that is straight from God. Heaven is, in metaphysical terms, the experience of our oneness. The world is a holographic universe, with every piece containing the whole. An enchanted love between any two people is a blessing on the entire world."

How lovely.

I love this painting from .

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