Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tower is Crumbling once again

How is it my life seems to have so many dramatic turning points? Nothing is a smooth transition! I like to think this is because I'm the kind of person who loves change and loves to embrace a challenge.  Unfortunately, it is also extremely stressful!

Let me give you a basic rundown:  I'm running out of time and resources to live the life I currently am.  My family has been generously taking care of me over the last 6 years since I first got ill, and while I've been thrilled at the way my career has been unfolding it is still not enough, material wise, to allow me to support myself while I am ill. I have a deadline to get out of the house I am currently in, and am at the bottom of the barrel, financially.  My loving and doting boyfriend has offered with great joy to host me... however... he lives 5000+ miles away, in Germany.  Were he anywhere in the US or Canada, I'd hop right on over, but Germany gives me pause.. it is SO FAR AWAY and so very very different.

SO I have a few options for moving forward with my life, most of which are big catalysts for change, the biggest one being to move to Germany.  A month or two ago I spoke to my psychic and he advised me to stay in Denver while I continue to develop my career, and then in a couple years, he said, he could see me in Europe.  However, as time goes by, hopping over to Germany sounds more and more appealing.

I did a Goddess Circle spread to see if I could get any big yes' or no's toward a big old move to another country.
1. The talents offered (or the foundation of this question) is 6M Love.  This isn't surprising because I'll be moving to be with someone who loves me, and it is the quintessential card for Choice, especially when lover is involved.
2. Support for this query is the Queen of Wands, the same fiery mother that came to Matt and myself during our Valentine's reading when we asked what our strength together was.  The support and passion will help us get through the nitty gritty details of something as complicated as an international move.
3. People who surround you right now: Prince of Cups, my card for Matt, the Prince who invites a potion for love. That's not surprising.
4. Ways others encourage and support you is the Queen of Swords. This reminds me of my sister who was the one who said to me yesterday "If I was you, I would move to Germany." My sister is the personification of intellect and measured choices. She is based in practicality and I was surprised and delighted when she said this, and when she did that's when I realized maybe this is something I could actually do.
5. The opportunities of the moment: Ace of Cups... another support for Love. Diving guidance in inspiration. If there was a leap of faith anywhere, this is the card. This is the time for me to use my intuition and feelings and listen to the muses.
6. Hopes and Concerns 8M (In this deck it is Justice), not surprising my concerns and stress come from de-tangling the details of immigration, travel, how to do everything lawfully and not feel like I'm running away from any obligations here.
7. Higher Purpose of this query/journey: 9 of Pentacles, finding the life I desire that is comfortable, beautiful, full of love and joy, bountiful, and beneficial to all parties included.
8. Guidance for the near future: Queen of Cups... Feel the joy, beauty and grace in this situation. You are blessed. Live up to your highest artistic and loving standards!

Three Queens.. I need to be the Queen and ruler of my own life!

Well I think this reading is a giant YES reading, but I still have so many questions and trepidation. I'm sure it will all be figured out in time.

I JUST NEED TO BREATHE and do my very best moving forward.

If any of you reading this feel like offering guidance, I will gladly accept it!

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